Sheri Kenton – Owner / Teacher

I found Kaiut Yoga at a time in my life where I had resigned to the fact that I was getting older and my body was going to limit what I could do and the quality of life I would have. I would joke that I had the body of somebody 30 years older than me and I accepted that it was life, and the result of many accidents over my life from childhood through adulthood. I had stopped living the life I wanted, because I was so afraid of the consequences.

By chance, I saw an advertisement in my hometown in California where I lived at the time, for a Hips & Shoulders workshop, presented by some guy from Brazil (Francisco Kaiut). Not knowing anything but so desperate for relief, I attended and after 4 days of intensive work in my hips, shoulders and ankles; I found relief in my back, neck and knees over the next several weeks. I was astounded and knew I needed more. I was soon jetting off to Brazil to study and learn more from Francisco Kaiut; which then led to following Francisco around the United States some more over the next 2 years; to take 3 intensive Kaiut Teacher Trainings, attend many workshops and home study with thousands of hours of personal practice and lesson planning.

I will admit, when I first found Kaiut Yoga I had no intention of teaching – I was leading a successful career I had been in for 20 years and intended to use my training only to “teach myself” and maybe family and close friends. However, something unexpected happened and I started getting curious feelings that I was meant to do more with Kaiut Yoga and started on my journey to open this Kaiut Yoga School – which opened in 2019. I am the primary teacher here, although on occasion, we do have guest substitute teachers come in from around the country – who have also been trained by Francisco Kaiut.