Who Benefits from practicing at Kaiut Yoga Bethany Beach?

Regardless of age, mobility or injury, absolutely everyone can practice Kaiut Yoga

Francisco Kaiut

To access all of the benefits you need only a start, but it is recommended to do so regularly and consistently, making yoga a part of your routines. Regularity and Consistency are key to building this new healthy habit. Everybody can benefit from a healthy yoga routine and below are a few notes about the Kaiut Yoga method:

Yoga Postures are Simple

We use natural movements and simple positions for deep mobility results, starting at the joints.


In our classes, we use gravity in different ways to access the various structures and systems of the body. At Kaiut Yoga we also use the wall and floor to eliminate the challenging aspects of gravity or balance enhancing the impact of yoga Practice on the nervous system


This method can work for you if you are recovering from an injury or only suffering from low mobility. At Kaiut Yoga we modify the positions so that the posture can work for everyone regardless of mobility or Pain. A variety of equipment is available to offer the optimum modified support to each individual student as needed.


At Kaiut Yoga we are not concerned with forcing the body to have a specific aesthetic form. We value the function and effects of each position in the body’s internal systems.


Our method respects the current limitations of the body. At Kaiut Yoga, we encourage the student to feel their own body. Allowing themselves to explore the potential of body and mind to undo restrictions and blockages over time.


Our eyes are closed through much of the practice, enabling the student to refine the listening skills – to both the Teacher’s instruction and the subtle ways our bodies speak to us. Cultivating a practice of being present in the moment is a big part of the method, enabling new neurological connections which support healing and increase our own natural abilities.

The Kaiut Yoga Method

The Kaiut methodology contemplates the evolution of the history of yoga, from the beginning in 200 B.C to the present day. The goal of this yoga method is to diminish the aggressive impact our modern sedentary lifestyles have on our bodies.  The sedentary life that we all live today creates a lack of mobility and function in fundamental joints in our body such as the hips, shoulders, and ankles which, over time, loose function and mobility due to our modern lives.

With that said, over time we lose more function and mobility and, in return, gain pain and discomfort. As we lose this function in these critical joints and locations in the body we begin to have to put out more energy to adapt to a body that does not function at its full potential. Isn’t that what we all want, more energy, less pain? Kaiut Yoga can offer that for you. A body that moves with ease, ages with grace.

Kaiut Yoga breaks free from yoga’s typical stereotypes and goes back to the basics, which is all about educating the nervous system (body and mind) to adapt to its surroundings. The Kaiut method will help you adapt to the hustle of the modern world and keep you doing what you love as long as you’re alive.

The Kaiut Yoga method works in favor of
the human biology, using movements
which are organic and well received by
the human body, abstaining itself from
using poses that might be dangerous –
turning the Kaiut Yoga
method accessible for all ages and
physical types.

Francisco Kaiut

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