FAQ / TIPS for In-Home Practice

What You Need

Device. To take class you will need a device (computer, tablet, phone) that connects to the internet. All classes will be accessed via Zoom from your device and your device will need a camera that can be directed at your practice space. (Classes are recorded as well and Members have access to “on-demand” classes to practice 24/7 once you are comfortable practicing without being seen by the Teacher)
Practice Space. You will also need a place to practice. You need to be able to lie down with adequate space around you. You also need a wall space that is clear. It can be helpful to have a set practice space that you feel comfortable in and is quiet and uncluttered. But do your best to find a place you feel most at rest in the environment you are in. (Your camera device should be placed about 5-8 feet away from your space to ensure the entire practice space can be viewed by the Teacher) – It is not as important that you see the device, but that the Teacher can see all of you (in proper light) and that you can clearly HEAR & LISTEN to the Teacher’s instruction. 
Equipment. The Kaiut Yoga Method uses various pieces of equipment including mat, bolster, strap, wooden blocks, wall space, and a chair. If you do not have these items, no worries! Adapting and using what you have around you is part of yoga. In fact, using objects in your home adds to the variation in your practice, which is important in Kaiut Yoga. The teacher will inform students about what props they need in each class. Some equipment alternatives are listed below.

Equipment Alternatives

This method of yoga is all about adapting. Here are some suggestions for alternate equipment/props. Get creative! Overtime you may switch props, so start with what you have. Have these props near your practice area each class.
Mat.  As an alternative have a surface that you are able to lie on. You might use blankets, towels, a rug or your carpet (even your bed). When doing standing poses, any floor surface will be workable. 
Bolster. In place of a yoga bolster you can use a pillow, couch cushion or even a rolled up blanket or towel. We recommend having a number on hand varying in size and density. Some Yoga Bolster of various size options are linked here if you would like to purchase – I do not have personal experience with any of these except Yoga Accessory brand which I find bulky and not too soft but it’s the cheapest (GaiamYoga AccessoriesSol LivingRetrospec
Strap. A belt works best otherwise anything that is similar in length, width and sturdiness. ($6.95 on Amazon here)
Blocks. Kaiut Yoga uses wooden blocks of specific dimension and weight. For hand and arm work have two travel mugs that allow you to grip them securely and strongly; or something similar that will not break. They do not need to be the same.  For other block work, have a few small to medium hardcover books.
Chair. The chair is not used regularly, but can add variety to our practice. Some students may gain better results from the consistent use of the chair. You can also use a couch, stool, edge of the bed.

For any questions please don’t hesitate to call me directly. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Namaste – Kaiut Yoga Bethany Beach