KAIUT YOGA Bethany Beach

782 Garfield Parkway, Ste. 201 ~ Bethany Beach, DE 19930 ~ 302.364.0789

Welcome to Kaiut Yoga Bethany Beach – A place to practice a bio-mechanical yoga method that is accessible to every ‘body’! I encourage you to browse this website to learn more about the method or simply check out our schedule and join us for a class to see what it’s all about!

What makes practicing at Kaiut Yoga Bethany Beach different?

Yoga Poses are Simple

At Kaiut Yoga we use simple and accessible shapes to achieve profound results. When simplicity produces effective results, complexity within a yoga practice is not a necessity.

Intelligent Use of Gravity

At Kaiut Yoga we regularly use the floor and the wall to eliminate the challenging aspects of gravity or balance – and to maximize the results of the shapes and sequencing.

Positions Can be Modified

At Kaiut Yoga we modify positions so that the shape can work for every practitioner regardless of flexibility or injuries. We can adapt to any student’s needs and abilities.

At Kaiut Yoga we offer a biomechanical yoga practice designed by Francisco Kaiut to serve the modern body and the modern mind. This format is intended to increase freedom of movement. Francisco Kaiut’s method is deeply influenced by his professional practice as a chiropractor and his education in craniosacral and polarity therapies, deep tissue massage, and hatha yoga.

The Kaiut Yoga Method is a combination of sequences and poses that will connect your mind, body and soul. The practice will nourish the nervous system, circulation, bones, soft tissue and joints – creating more freedom in the body.

Kaiut Yoga is structured around 3 major objectives – to regulate the nervous system, to promote reorganization and bio-mechanical optimization of the body and its functions. Ultimately leading to a state of spontaneous presence and meditation.

We need to move the body in the most intelligent way, not the toughest or most intense way

~Francisco Kaiut