What are Kaiut Yoga Students saying?

“A peaceful, warm and welcoming atmosphere, I look forward to reaching my mat to breathe a sigh of gratitude for taking part in this. Instructor, Sheri, puts you at ease. She supports you so you can grow and she kindly honors your limits with great care. It is clear that the well-being of the client is the priority. Sheri readily differentiates to meet the individual needs of each person in class. She is genuinely inspired. Everyone thrives here. Kaiut is helping me gain much needed flexibility and improved mobility. I leave feeling replenished after every class and the benefit is felt long after class, continually, in fact. Kaiut is a gem in our community”

“An exceptional, uncomplicated, effective practice. Outstanding”

“I’ve always been active but as I aged I was starting to feel some restriction in my joints, stiffness in my back and aches in my hips. Participation in this practice on a regular basis has relieved these symptoms. My body feels younger and free! Sheri creates a very calming environment with clear directions. Her instruction has taught me to tune in to my body and to calm the mind. We close our eyes through most of the class which really helps in focusing on self.”

“I cannot say enough about how much Kaiut Yoga has helped me. I have Parkinson’s and the yoga has helped me maintain my mobility and concentration. Sheri is a totally devoted instructor and she gives special attention to all of us in her group.”

“I feel wonderful after every practice No 2 sessions are the same so it never gets boring”

“What I particularly like is that she’ll readily adapt the practice to meet your individual needs”